At Life care clinic we specialize in the HIV counseling. Over a period of time we have understood “The biggest thing is to increase the moral of a patient by showing him his improvements”.

Because as an expert we have a strong belief that a HIV infected person can live his normal life, if a proper care is taken. With all the experience we provide following services

  • HIV Pretest Counseling
  • HIV Protest Counseling
  • HIV And Adherence Counseling
  • PMTCT Counselling
  • Family Planning Counseling
  • Sperm Washing Counseling
  • Treatment for Opportunistic Diseases
  • ART initiation, Conunseling & Management
  • Management of ART Complication
  • Newer ART in Pipline Counseling
  • Life style Management
  • Spouse Counseling
  • Discordent couple Counseling and Management
  • ART Side-Effect Counseling
  • Complication of ART: management & counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • HIV Prevention Lectures
  • High risk group Counseling
  • NGO Workshop and Updates in HIV
  • Resistance: Testing & Counseling
  • Pediatrics HIV Management
  • ANC Mother Counseling & Management
  • CD4 Count & Viral Load Assay
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Admission Facility
  • Long Term Management
  • Short Term Management

Though many services mentioned above are bit technical terms for a layman, we can say that these are the latest treatment techniques that are available to treat the patient.